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When 59DaysOCode #thecompetition started, the goal was to create a visible tech community in the San Joaquin Valley. We've obviously done that. So, what's the next step?

Change the world.

This year, 59DaysOfCode presents #thecompetition ignite, a competition track dedicated to changing the world one solution at a time. We want to use your nerdy-brilliance to solve real-world problems facing our community today. Each year, we will select an economic, social, or environmental issue plaguing the San Joaquin Valley for ignite. We will give you the facts and outline the problem.

The theme of ignite will be announced at the opening of registration. Before kick-off, ignite competitors will receive a booklet of issues and background information from experts. It is from this booklet that you will choose your project. You as a competitor may also elect to do your own research on the ignite topic within the 59-day period and select a project of your own choosing.

You have 59 days to come up with a technological solution. Your solution will need to be relevant. Applicable. Easy to use. You will present your idea to a panel of judges made up of geeks, entrepreneurs, and issue experts. You'll have to convince tech-nerds and traditionalists alike that technology really can make life better. Are you ready?

Why ignite?

Fire is a transformative force. It has the power to take things back to their original state, making room for new and better things. It has the power to melt, boil, and cauterize. Fire starts with a single point of ignition, a single spark or flame. And that's how we see change happening in the San Joaquin Valley. With one idea, we can change the way a company does business. We can change the way people approach social equality. We can change the way groups (don't) collaborate. It all starts with us. It all starts with 59 days of problem-solving.

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Zero code

Zero-Code entries are idea-stage projects that you will have 59 days to build. These are the projects that do not yet have written code. Documentation may be pre-existing, but no pre-written code is allowed.

In progress

Ideas that are in-progress or have been left on the shelf to gather dust have the chance to show themselves in this category. These projects may already be out on the market for a limited audience, or a work-in-progress altogether.


Registration fee


Financial assistance is available for student teams. See below for details.

Team members

Team Leader

The Team Leader is the primary point of contact between 59DaysOfCode and your team.

In the event your team wins, the Team Leader is awarded the prizes and is responsible for distributing them to the rest of team.


Your team may have as many or as few additional members as you want.

Student assistance

If your team is comprised of high school or college students, we want to help you out!

Follow the rules, or else...

This whole thing only works if everyone follows the rules of the competition in good faith, so please do.

Check out the Official Rules for more information.

You're, uh, a bit late.

The clock has already started, but it's not too late to get in on the action!

Late entries are accepted until July 10th; just be aware that you have less time to build your app.

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