For our inaugural #thecompetition ignite, we have chosen the theme of water. And no, the irony is not lost on us.

Water is relevant to everyone, especially now, here at home in the Central Valley. A whole bunch of different groups are arguing over water rights, and yet one group has not yet had a voice: the geeks. And you know what? We have the answers. 59DaysOfCode has proven that for five years.

#thecompetition has partnered with farmers, water districts, USDA, environmentalists, cities, water advocates, tech companies, and businesses to put together a long list of everybody’s problems. Soon, they will be presented to the ignite competitors. You will think and code furiously for 59 days. And then we will judge you. We know that geeks can change the world and that #thecompetition ignite will drive that change.

Make sure you come to #FreakingBrilliant on May 24th at 5:30pm at Bitwise South Stadium. You'll connect with experts from Berkeley, Fresno State, the City, and water tech to know all there is about doing geeky things with water.

Question is: will you join us?

Check back May 24th for more information and a list of resources on H2O.

California Drought, September 2016
Map of CA Drought
Remember this? It's one very good reason why we should invest in managing our natural resources effectively.
Water Booklet Cover

Wanna know more? We got ya covered.

We've talked to hundreds of industry experts about the water issues plaguing our valley, and cataloged them all into an easy-to-digest booklet.

Take a look and figure out what you can do to save the world.

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